Why should you study in Poznań?

Poznań means fantastic atmosphere, comfort and fast development.

Poznań is a city on the Warta river in west-central Poland, in Greater Poland region and one of the biggest cities in Poland. The city population is about 550,000, while the continuous conurbation with Poznan County and several other communities (Oborniki, Skoki, Szamotuły and Śrem)[1].

Our city attracts people who are ambitious, brave and ready to face new challenges. Interesting course offers and numerous development opportunities are what draw students’ attention to Poznań. It is enough to spend just a few days here to feel fantastic atmosphere and the comfort of local life, as well as to discover the unique potential of Poznań.

Poznań offers top level of education. Its universities are among Poland’s most prominent ones, and the educational centers and campuses are one of the most modern in Poland. Here, you can pursue each of your passions, and exchange experiences in an international scientific environment[2].

Many international connections causes that Poznań is one of the best places for study -especially for foreign students.

Helpful links and websites:

The flight schedule- click here: http://www.airport-poznan.com.pl/en/

More information about this city here: www.studyin.poznan.pl

Moreover (If you still would like to know more):

Poznań in five steps  (click here): Poznan_in_five_steps_ENG

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